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Shower Power: Tips And Tricks For Washing Your Wig

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There are lots and lots of different reasons to wear a wig; maybe you're undergoing chemotherapy and your hair's fallen out, maybe your hair doesn't grow that much to begin with, or maybe you just like changing up your hair wildly from day to day. Whatever the reason, it all boils down to the same point: you have a human hair wig, it's dirty, and you need to wash it.
But there are a lot of pitfalls that can come with washing your human hair wig if you don't know what you're doing, and the last thing you want to do is ruin your wig. So if you're looking for a few tips and tricks for washing your wig, then here's what you need to know.
Use the Correct Tools
You can't wash a human hair wig with the same soaps and combs that you do human hair growing out of a scalp if you want the wig to remain in good condition. First, assemble your "wet" tools: wig shampoo and wig conditioner (or a leave-in wig conditioner if you prefer).
The "dry" tools are a little more numerous and a little more complicated. You need a wig brush, wide-tooth comb, any styling products, a base to dry your wig on (such as a Styrofoam head mold), at least one towel, and a detachable shower head (for ease of washing). If you make sure you have everything in one place, you can wash your wig without having to run back and forth, leaving the wig to tangle.
Work in the Direction of the Hair
For every step in washing your wig, you'll want to work with the direction of the hair in order to minimize any hair loss. The only exception is in combing; before you wash, comb through a straight wig (from end to root) with a wig brush or work your fingers (again from end to root) through a curly wig to remove any tangles.
When you begin rinsing the wig, work from the top down getting it wet, then apply shampoo from the top down as well. While you can soak the wig in a mixture of water and shampoo, that does lead to greater tangles. Rinse the shampoo again from root to end, being careful not to tug at or wring the hair.
Work from the top down with the conditioner as well, being careful to avoid the roots (you don't want the conditioner loosening the knots that keep the hair in place!), and rinse again from the top down. Working in the direction of the hair helps to prevent tangles and ensures an even wash and thorough rinse.
Drying Is Important, Too
Washing your wig with the right method and tools is important, but how you treat your wig while it's drying is just as important. Remember, using heat sources (such as blow dryers) to artificially dry your wig can dry the hair out and even damage it, so blot the wig dry with a towel and leave it to air dry.
In the same vein of avoiding heat, you'll want to let the wig dry somewhere that it doesn't get direct sunlight. Sunlight can make the wig dry unevenly, which is bad for the shine of the wig. If you want to add extra volume, you can try drying your wig upside down so that you get a natural lift to the roots.
Once the wig is dry, you'll want to style it, but you'll want to be careful with the heat here, too. Avoid using any heated styling products past about medium heat, and opt for no-heat options (like rollers for curling hair) when possible.
Things to Remember
The best way to wash your wig is to go slowly and carefully, always paying close attention to what you're doing so that you don't go into autopilot and treat the wig like you would hair growing out from your head. So long as you wash your wig properly and take care of it between washings, it should last you for years to come. For more information on wigs, hair extensions, and false hair services, visit us at our website today.

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