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Must-Have Styling Tools and Supplies for Your Human Hair Wig

Owning a human hair wig is a great way to enjoy trying a new hair style without the permanent commitment. You can try out new colors, lengths, styles, textures and more with your own arsenal of human hair wigs as part of your wardrobe.
Just like your traditional hair, you will need certain tools and supplies to get the most out of your daily routine when doing your hair. Here is a list of the tools and hair supplies you need so you always look your best when you don your amazingly realistic wig.

Specialty Shampoo and Conditioner

The drugstore variety of shampoos and conditioners contain too many additives and chemicals for human hair wigs. Watch out for shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates and parabens, which can cause buildup to occur in the wig and destroy its luster and shine.
There are hair care products on the market designed especially for human hair or synthetic wigs (make sure you get the right one for the type of hair you have) that are organic and free of harsh chemicals while still being able to thoroughly clean hair. To extend the life of your wig, wash and condition the hair every seven days or so.

Wig Cap and Stand

Wearing a wig cap under your human hair wig protects your wig against bacteria that naturally forms on your scalp. It also protects your scalp from itching and tenderness as you get used to your new wig.
You will also want to invest in a wig stand to place your wig on when it is not in use. A stand helps it keep its shape and avoid tangling. Keep wig stands away from light and dust to prevent fading or wear. Your closet or an enclosed shelf are excellent locations to store your wig when you are not wearing it.

Wig Mousse

Wig mousse is a styling product that allows you to create waves, curls, or even straighten your wig's hair without worry of causing product buildup or odor. Wig mousse is specially designed to be easily combed and coiffed while adding shine, luster and volume to human hair and synthetic wigs.
When buying wig mousse, stick to liquid or gel forms, which are easier to apply to hair. You can buy this product at your local wig supply store, hair dresser or wig expert.

Hair Pick

A pick is usually healthier on a wig than a traditional hair brush. Brushes pull at hair and rip strands from their follicles, which can be devastating to a wig because it cannot repair broken or missing strands. Invest in hair picks designed for wig use especially. You will want to buy picks of various lengths and sizes so you can easily manage your wig's bangs, roots, ends and flyaways with ease.
If your wig becomes very tangled or is hard to comb through, visit your local wig supply store specialist. It's best to let a professional care for your wig and loosen knots and tangles than attempt to do so yourself and make the wig more damaged in the process.
With the right arsenal of beauty tools, you can enjoy your human hair wig for several years. The better you care for your hair, the longer it will serve you with luscious, enviable locks. Talk to your wig specialist about washing and storing your human hair wig if you have concerns.
There are many styles of human hair wigs to choose from, and styling tools make it easier to customize your look daily. For a great selection of wig supplies and hair, visit our specialists at Elite Designer Wiges & Hair. We are thrilled to serve you and allow you to look and feel your best.

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