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Dos And Don'ts Of Gifting A Wig To A Cancer Patient

Cancer Wig
Learning that a loved one has cancer can be one of the most difficult things to handle. While there is not a lot that is within your control when it comes to a medical diagnosis, you can take actions to help your loved one feel better in other ways. Start by considering how the patient may be feeling and what can relieve his or her emotional pain.
Many cancer patients who start chemotherapy lose their hair. In October 2017, Celebrity Shannon Doherty bravely revealed her past struggles with losing her hair during chemotherapy. She said she felt like she was losing herself. She wore a wig to help herself feel better during the battle. Happily, she is in remission, and millions of other cancer patients are, too.
You may be able to help your loved one along their journey by giving the patient a human hair wig. Wearing a wig can help bring some normalcy and comfort to the person during chemotherapy. Just be sure to follow these dos and don'ts when gifting a wig for your loved one.
Do Involve Your Loved One in Picking Out the Wig
Avoid trying to choose a wig that you think would look good on the person. No matter how great your intentions are, it's impossible to blindly choose a wig that will best suit someone else. When you decide to give your loved one a wig, explain that your gift will be purchasing the wig that he or she chooses.
Once you announce your gift, your loved one may want to immediate look online to choose a wig. Sooner is usually better when it comes to helping the person adjust to the "new normal" of hair loss. Look to the patient to lead the way and try to support whatever wishes and requests the person has when selecting a wig. Offer honest feedback with lots of moral support.
Don't Compromise on Wig Quality Any Step of the Way
Your loved one may try to choose a wig that is inexpensive to be considerate. Do your best to keep cost considerations out of the person's mind, encouraging the patient to choose what he or she truly wants. Accentuate the importance of wig quality. Conceal prices when possible and keep the conversation on how the wigs look, feel, and flatter the person.
Many high-quality real hair wigs are inexpensive, so your loved one may be able to easily choose an affordable wig. However, the focus should be on what makes the patient feel good. A high-quality wig is more likely to be comfortable and look like the person's natural hair, which can go a long way to improving selfesteem during the healing process.
Do Prepare Words of Comfort and Encouragement
Choosing a wig to replace one's natural hair can be a very emotional thing. The person may be devastated about the overall battle with cancer, and one's mind can be going in a million directions. Don't be surprised if the wig recipient displays a wide variety of emotions immediately after trying on and selecting a wig.
Have some positive but honest things on hand that you can say to be encouraging as the person tries on wigs. Talk about possible fun times that can be enjoyed in the wig. You may point out how a certain hair color brings out the person's features in a new way or why a cut would be most flattering for the person.
Help the person see the wig as the positive ally it can be in helping patients feel good about themselves during treatment. Most of all, be patient and show unconditional love during this trying time if you can. The person will probably show extreme gratitude for the wig in time, and it will always be a memorable, positive part of recovery and your loved one's "new normal".
Finally, keep in mind that wigs are very personal. Your loved one will be able to provide you the insight you need to make this a meaningful present. When you are looking for wigs, explore the options at Elite Designer Wigs & Hair. With locations in Miami and Sunrise, we offer high-quality medical, human hair, and synthetic wigs along with hair extensions and accessories.

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