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Buying Your First Wig After Chemotherapy Begins

Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Some may think that it is only hair, but for many people its loss is traumatic. Purchasing a wig is a personal choice and if deciding to get one it is important to choose wisely. Specially designed cancer wigs help to prevent overheating and discomfort. 

Wearing a Wig

Whether or not to wear a wig at all is a personal choice. There is nothing wrong with being bald or wearing a cap or scarf. There are a couple of reasons why people buy wigs. They either want to continue to look like they always have or they are not comfortable in hats and scarves but need protection for their scalp.

Understand the Difference

Wigs specified for people with medical hair loss are not terribly different than other high-quality wigs. They often have a soft lining to protect sensitive skin and are lightweight and softer in general. Cancer wigs are made to be easy to maintain so a patient does not have to spend a great deal of time to look good. 

Making a Choice

People may hesitate to purchase a synthetic wig because they worry it will not look natural. This is not true at all with the quality of hairpieces now available. Synthetic hair looks and moves like real hair and the benefits it offers over human hair wigs are perfect for cancer patients. 

Synthetic hair is lightweight and does not need to be styled or washed daily. The color will not fade and the durable fibers are less prone to breakage than natural wigs. The hair retains its shape even during difficult days or unpredictable weather. Synthetic wigs also cost less than ones made from human hair. 

Shop When Ready

It is normal to rush out and buy a wig as soon as chemotherapy is scheduled, but many experts recommend waiting. Hair loss typically does not begin until a couple of weeks after the chemo sessions start. Not all forms of chemotherapy cause hair loss and some people only experience thinning of the hair during their treatment. 

How to Prepare

Once hair loss begins it is helpful for people to take control of the situation. Some patients choose to not wait to see what will happen and instantly shave their head. Others want to delay the process. For them, it is often therapeutic to get a gradually shorter cut as the loss begins and wait for bare patches to shave. It is always a personal choice.

Benefits of Shaving

Being bald is not necessary to wear a wig comfortably, but shaving is a way to eliminate the frustration of the hair falling out and makes it easier to care for the scalp. Many people experience dry scalp due to the treatment and the removal of the hair sometimes provides instant relief. Starting out bald also allows the hair to grow back in evenly.

Caring for Wigs

When purchasing a wig it is a good idea to follow the instructions about its care. Special shampoos, the products not to use and how to brush and store the wig are all important to know to maintain its beauty. It is better to work with a full-service center rather than shop online to ensure a proper fit and have all questions answered. 

Working With Insurers

Many insurance companies cover the cost of a wig for cancer patients. A physician must write out a prescription and the wig supplier must use specific wording on their invoice. Show the prescription to the retailer before the sale is completed to make certain it is done correctly. 

Visit us at Elite Designer Wigs & Hair to get the perfect fit and a natural look. Medical treatments do not have to stop people from looking great and feeling confident. Let a professional guide you as you discover the comfort and beauty of modern wigs. Contact us or stop in today. 

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