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All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair Extension
Hair extensions are made of either human or synthetic hair and are sewn or bonded into your existing hairline for a natural appeal. Hair extensions make your hair longer or thicker for styling and give you an instant change in your hairstyle for a special occasion or daily wear.
Before you invest in hair extensions, learn the difference between human and synthetic hair, ways to wear your new extensions, the cost of your extensions, and care tips for keeping your extensions in beautiful condition. This guide will teach you all you need to know about hair extensions, and your wig and hair extension specialist will help you select the right hair additions for your needs.
Human Versus Synthetic Hair
If you want versatility with your hair extensions, then opt for human hair over synthetic. Human hair can be dyed, curled, and straightened and generally responds to the same styling techniques you perform on your own natural hair. You can also shampoo and dry human hair. Human hair extensions can last up to a year with proper care.
Synthetic hair cannot be dyed or exposed to high heat, which means blow-drying synthetic pieces is not recommended. In general, synthetic hair is cheaper than human hair extensions, so if you're on a budget, consider synthetic hair over its human counterpart. Synthetic hair extensions last a few months with routine care.
Hair Extensions Wear
The beauty of having hair extensions professionally applied is this: your hair extensions will be relatively indecipherable from your original hair. If your hair is very short and you get longer extensions put in, your choppy layers will be noticeable, so ask your stylist to blend your extensions with your natural hair length to give you a fuller, more natural hairstyle.
You can wear your hair anyway you wish once your hair extensions are put in place. You can also cut your hair extensions to produce a new hairstyle without removing your pieces if they are still in good condition.
Hair Extensions Cost
How many extensions you have put in your hair, along with whether you choose synthetic or human hair, affects the cost of your extensions. Hair extensions cost as low as $275, with an added fee for every additional track of hair that is put into your hairline.
Your hair extensions can cost as much as $1,400 per application if you choose the keratin bond method of application. Your stylist will give you an estimate for hair extension costs based on the type of hair you choose and how many strands or tracks of hair you have placed on your head.
Hair Extensions Care
Remember, your hair extensions do not receive the same natural oils that your original hair has, which means over time your extensions become dry and brittle. To avoid damaging your extensions, brush your hair daily to distribute natural oils from your scalp evenly, only use natural styling aides, and use a shampoo and conditioning regimen as instructed by your hair stylist.
If you have synthetic hair extensions, wash your hair less frequently if you are a daily hair washer. Consider clipping synthetic hair extensions up when washing your hair to preserve your extensions longer.
Your hair stylist will provide you with styling tools and cleaning products designed for either human or synthetic hair extensions to keep your new hair lush and beautiful. If you feel your extensions coming loose or your scalp gets irritated from your extensions, visit your stylist for an adjustment to your extensions.
You can achieve fuller, more eye-catching hair with hair extensions. Our selection of fine hair extensions at Elite Designer Wigs & Hair Extensions will exceed your expectations, and we have extensions in every hue imaginable. Call or visit us today.

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